Research validates projects and makes results available for all stakeholders

NHG Research was established because there was a need to make results of some customer projects available for a wider audience. Many NHG projects have already lead to research and project reports as well peer reviewed scientific articles. NHG’s goal is to be a well-known producer of applied research in social and healthcare services and service systems. To achieve this goal NHG collaborates with universities, research institutes and different operators in the field of social and healthcare, such as municipalities and hospital districts. According to the principles of applied research, NHG aims at producing research based knowledge to operators in the field as well as support national and regional level decision making and the development of services nationally as well as internationally.

NHG Research employs those NHG consultants, who are interested in developing their academic skills. Currently, NHG employs several consultants with PhD’s, a couple of PhD candidates, and other research oriented consultants. NHG is also closely connected to several renowned professors. The strengths of NHG Research are the personnel’s broad knowledge of the field of social and health care, interdisciplinary approach, the combination of research and business knowhow in one organization as well as vast experience from the analysis and development of healthcare and social sector both in Finland and internationally.